Kershaw's Skyline EDC

Kershaw Skyline

 *Another great EDC (every day carry) knife from the Kershaw family! *

The Kershaw Skyline is becoming a best selling production knife of all times, and for the price, it is an exceptional value. Retailing at about $30, the Skyline is a high quality knife for each of us who won't (or can't) spend large amounts of money for a knife.

If the Skyline is your "first ever" Kershaw knife, you will be surprised at the attention to detail and features compared to other knife brands.

If you have owned Kershaw knives in the past, you already know what to expect!


Like the Kershaw Echelon and a few other Kershaw models, the handle of the Skyline is made from G-10. The handle might be dyed black, blue, green, red, pink or many other colors.

Skyline options and colors

The texture of the Skylines handle is almost smooth. I say almost as there is a fine grain texturing if you look and feel really close. It is about as close to smooth as you will normally find on a blade handle made with G-10. It is surprisingly comfortable and the fine texturing does allow a pretty good grip whether wet or dry.


The blade of the Skyline is 7.9 cm (3 1/8") long making it a great size for most every day cutting tasks. Right out of the box you will find your Skyline has a spear point design and is sharp enough to shave.

It comes in two finishes: bead blasted and Damascus.

Skyline's Bead Blasted BladeSkyline's Damascus Blade


The Kershaw Skyline's blade is manufactured from Sandvik's 14C28N stainless steel which is very comparable to a AUS-6. It takes an edge and holds an edge well if not being abused.

Though the blade may look like it has dual thumb studs, the studs are actually stops to stop the blade from over extending (opening too far).

Kershaw Skyline's Blade Stops

As the blade opens, the studs stop the blades, saving the blade lock from wear.

Skyline blade opened. Blade stops into cutout.

The 14C28N, made by Sandvik, is a good quality steel made just for knives. This "14C28N" is a decent balance between the ability to resharpen and being able to hold a good edge. For the amateur knife owner, the blade will resharpen well, even with a cheap stone.

The Skyline's blade is opened by Ken Onion's patented and exclusive SpeedSafe Assisted Deployment/Opening Mechanism. Operating much like a switch blade, SpeedSafe® automatically deploys the blade. Instead of a slide or button, it uses a thumb stud and/or flipper which makes it completely legal in any US state and/or other countries. A torsion bar is used to assist the blade opening once you start the process by pressing the blade flipper or thumb stud.

The blade can be easily opened by the oversized flipper. Once you begin to open the blade with the flipper, SpeedSafe® takes over and completes the opening.

Blade FlipperMany flippers are very small making blade deployment difficult. The Skyline has one of the biggest flippers in the industry making it easy to begin and finish blade deployment.

Once open, the cutting edge of the blade is thin, yet rugged enough for most knife enthusiasts. As with any knife, it is not a pry bar and should not be used as such.

SpeedSafe® really is a piece of engineering ingenuity. It opens smoothly and there is almost no blade play even after opening and closing the blade hundreds of times.


The Skyline includes a three-position (Tri-Carry) pocket clip.

Skyline pocket clip

Skyline's pocket clip has been designed to make the knife lay quite low in your pocket(s). This causes it to be pretty near concealed. The colored G-10 might stand out if it doesn't match your pants and might be almost invisible if it matches your pants.Lanyard Hole


Last but not least, the Skyline sports a lanyard hole for those of us who like to wear our knives like a necklace or just to make it easier to keep track of with a rope or string.

The Kershaw Skyline is an affordable, EDC knife that you will be very happy about owning. They are usually not easy to find at a local sports equipment, hunting or fishing store.

Buy one today! You will be pleased!

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Kershaw Skyline Specifications:

Length of Blade: 3 1/8" (79 mm)

Composition of Blade: Sandvik 14C28N, Damascus/Satin finish

Composition of Handle: Machined, Dyed G-10 (many colors)

Blade Options: Non-Serated

Deployment of Blade: Ken Onion's SpeedSafe® Assisted Opening

Type of Blade Lock: Liner Lock (inset)

Pocket Clip Options: Left Tip Up / Right Tip Up / Right Tip Down (Tri-Carry)

Weight: 2.3 oz (65 grams)

Shipping Weight: 3.3 oz (93 grams)

Closed Length: 4" 1/4" (108 mm)

Open Length: 7 3/8" (187 mm)

Available Finishes: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Pink

Designed and Made in: United States of America

Warranty: Lifetime (for original purchaser)


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